Committee participation is one way to get involved in the Chapter.  

Your ideas can help shape the future of our chapter. Just get involved and participate!

Strategic Planning Committee

Responsible for the coordination and preparation of the Chapter’s strategic plan.

Speaker/Education Committee

Responsible for developing and implementing a plan to obtain speakers for regular meetings. Responsible for overseeing the CPP/FPC study groups.

Program Committee

Responsible for organizing, arranging and implementing a plan for each meeting. National Payroll Week Committee – Plan, organizes and implements NPW celebration each year.

Membership Committee

Responsible for building and maintaining the Chapter membership. They will coordinate the Chapter’s membership campaign to fulfill the Chapter’s goal of new members for the year. Responsible for the membership directory publication

Sponsorship Committee

Responsible for obtaining operating funds and/or sponsorship of the chapters activities.

Nominating Committee

Coordinate, organize and execute plans for Chapter Officer and Board nominations.

Finance and Budget Committee

Develop annual budget, oversee audit and present to Board of Directors annually by November.

Communications Committee

Responsible for communication of upcoming events, changes and news of the organization.

Website and technology committee

The first responsibility of the committee is for maintaining, upgrading and developing the official chapter web-site.  Updating information on the web site as requested by committee chairs, officers, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors is the first priority. The committee shall recommend to the president and Executive Committee changes in technology that may assist with the management of the chapter’s affairs.  The committee chair shall be an officio member of the National Awards Committee, and chair or co-chair the sub-committee for the Chapter web site award.  Chair of the committee, the webmaster, shall be appointed by action of the Board or by the appointment of the president.

Historical records committee

Responsible for maintaining a written, photo and archival history of the chapter. In addition, permanently safeguard and maintain those records. The committee chair shall be an ex officio member of the National Awards Committee.  Chair of the committee, the historian, shall be appointed by action of the Board or by the appointment of the president.

National Awards Committee

Responsible for organizing and submitting entries to National APA for all awards and competitions. These include, but are not limited to: Chapter of the Year, Website of the Year, and National Payroll Week Contests.

Chapter Awards Committee

Coordinate, develop and implement award recognition for chapter members. This includes, but not limited to: Payroll Person of the Year, Sponsor of the Year, and service recognition awards.

Auditing Committee

This Committee is responsible for performing the audit functions related to the Chapter’s financial activities.

Bylaws Committee

Responsible for meeting annually to review the current Bylaws and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. Any recommendation shall be presented to the Board of Directors.

Chapter Compliance Committee

Responsible for monitoring and verifying the chapter’s compliance with Federal, State and local statute, as well as the Chapter Affiliation Agreement with APA National. The Committee is responsible for completing the Yearly Plan required by National APA. Continued renewal of Chapter Affiliation agreement with APA is the major objective of this committee.